Sportfishing in Westport, WA

Westport, WA has been considered the sportfishing capital of the world! Of course, we here at Emerald Coast Sportfishing think that’s true and we are confident that if you come fishing with us on the Starfire, you will leave feeling the same way. Captain Robert Mirante will go above and beyond to put you in the middle of the action, his boat equipped with everything you could possibly need for an awesome day out fishing! Choose from the variety of deep sea charters that we have to offer and experience some of the best fishing out of Westport!


History of Emerald Coast Sportfishing

by Robert Mirante (captain of the Starfire)

Emerald Coast Sportfishing is an extension of the once called Emerald City Salmon Charters, which was opened by my parents in the early 80’s. My wife, Anna, and I are honored to continue the tradition that they started so many years ago and hope to help build lasting memories for you and your family like so many of you have done for us!